Local Community Development

Engaging Citizens and Uniting Communities

The main objective is to promote citizens self-organization aimed at resolving local issues, increasing economic activities of citizens in rural areas and small towns and sustainable regional development.
The most important projects within this area include Levera­ging Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Rural Belarus, Partnerships for Better Energy Use, and Leveraging Regional Development within Euroregions implemented in 2010-2014.
Thousands of rural inhabitants in local communities (civic acti­vists, rural tourism operators, rural entrepreneurs and farmers, etc.) gained an impetus to strengthening their businesses, and initiating practical cooperation with local community actors. Over 260 representatives from rural localities improved their skills related to community development and 6 information desks on sustainable development and rural tourism were sup­por­ted and equipped and those are still fully operational.
Energy saving approaches and technologies in the rural regions of Belarus were introduced, and sustainable develop­ment practices were enhanced. More than 100 non-state actors’ representatives improved their capacities related to energy efficiency monitoring, 7 community initiatives received direct technical support through re-granting.

NEF has also contributed to the organizational development of the Executive Bureaus of 5 Belarusian Euroregions fostering their capacity to address the challenges their respective regions face in social and economic development.
We continue supporting the regional development initiatives within the Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations Project in Belarus and Expanding Economic Opportunities in Rural Belarus Project supported by the European Union and the Eurasia Foundation (with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)).