Organizational Development

Efficient CSOs for a Lively Civil Society

NEF is currently implementing the four-year Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations Project supported by the Eurasia Foundation with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The overall objec­tive is to strengthen the organizational capacity of local CSOs through a series of intense activities tailored to meet the spe­ci­fic development needs of the supported organizations and of the civil society as a whole and to increase the level of civic activism and participation by supporting community initia­tives and strengthening professional networks. To sup­port the institutional development of non-profit organizations we work on the following:
• provide consultancy support in the area of organizational capacity assessment, development and implementation of strategic and organizational development plans;
• organize informational and educational events in the area of organizational development and management of CSOs;
• provide technical and financial support to organizational development projects.