Center for Aerospace Monitoring was Opened in Minsk

The results of the project “Creation of the Innovative Science and Educational center for Aerospace Monitoring” were discussed on November 17, 2016 at Belarusian State Technological Univesrsity.

The center for aerospace monitoring was opened at BSTU within the project. Students, including graduate students, will be able to study the violations of land utilization and work with different types of geomonitoring. BSTU project became one of 8 projects in the sphere of business and economic education that were supported within the Open Call organized by New Eurasia Establishment. The Open Call was supported by the US Agency for international development (USAID).


Nicolai Sinyak (in the center), project manager, during the seminar “Geomonitoring and spatial data to support the sustainable territory management”

The visitors of the center study various types of geomonitoring such as violations of land utilization, architectural geomonitoring, excavations, real estate items, categories of land distribution and others.

“The growth of technology transforms traditional monitoring into geoinformational, based on new technologies such as aerospace remote sensing, system for proper positioning GPS and others. That is why proper education of future territories managers, real estate managers became very relevant nowadays. It is important not only to give theoretic knowledge to students, but also provide practical skills of usage of geomonitoring technologies and interest students in research. The center for aerospace monitoring was opened to fulfill such objectives”, said Nicolai Sinyak, project manager.

In the center “Geomonitoring” the unique methodological framework and an interactive manual were created, a study class was equipped.

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The Open Call was organised within the Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations Project, which is supported by the US Agency for international development (USAID).