Resource Centers on Economic Development are Opened in Belarus

Resource centers on economic development are created in12 pilot rural localities in different regions of Belarus within the Expanding Economic Opportunities in Rural Belarus Project. The project is supported by the European Union and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by New Eurasia Establishment.

“We are sure that resource centers will help each locality to growth”, said Zhanna Filippova, NEE director. “In such centers local inhabitants will get information on how to open and develop their business. The coordinator of the resource center will communicate will local people and indicate needs, what knowledge and skills they lack, and with our support the experts will be invited and literature will be provided”.

It is planned that the coordinators will be acquainted with the experience of other territories and they will share this experience with local people. Coordinators will also write proposals on granting, help local people receive financial support on new businesses.

“If a person doesn’t know what economic decision make, he or she could come to a resource center and get basic information there or ask an invited expert for a consultation” – summed up Zhanna Filippova.

12 pilot rural localities were chosen in the result of an open call. Each locality comprises one or two rural councils. The researches on socio-economic, natural and human potential were made in selected localities. Based on researches made local people together with experts are developing complex strategies for sustainable development. Local people from each locality receive consultations, participate in trainings and study visits within Belarus and abroad. Competitively selected projects from the rural localities will receive funding for the total amount of 180 000 Euro.

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The Expanding Economic Opportunities in Rural Belarus Project is financed by the European Union and co-financed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).