Sakavitskija sustrechy in Minsk Helped Find Inspiration

Forum of NGOs and civic initiatives called Sakavitskija sustrechy (March meetings) was organized in Minsk on March 4-5, 2017. More than 200 participants from different regions of Belarus took part in the event. 80 out of 222 participated in the forum as experts and speakers.

During two-day event participants received practical experience from experts on problem solving on local, regional and national levels as well as shared achievements. Also they received consultations on different aspects of working in NGOs.

The night of failures was conducted in the end of the first day of Sakavitskija sustrechy, where participants discussed mistakes from personal experience.

On the second day meetings with experts were organized as well as Open talks, where everyone was able to hear honest stories from active people and those who support them.

A large amount of involved participants and efficient work during Sakavitskija sustrechy proved that such event is a leap forward in the development of NGO sector.


Participants shared their impressions about Sakavitskija sustrechy.

“Sakavitskija sustrechy not only satisfied my expectations, but also impressed by such a great number of interested and initiative people! Especially I liked the format of the event, I was able to choose sections I was interested in as well as receive good pieces of advice from the experts. My spring came very actively and I really hope that all the contacts gained will be turned into new projects or good causes,” Ann Launikovich, international organization AIESEC, Minsk.

“I highly appreciate the opportunity to communicate with participants from different spheres and regions; indeed it is easy to become acquainted with new people during such networking events. I was very happy to see so many indifferent people in one place! Together with Ganna Baradzina we shared positive and also negative experience of working in the regions. We presented the information about our new format “ADUekpedycyj”, we traveled into small cities and villages with trainings and seminars. It is great that after our presentation we received offers to organize similar activities. We really hope that these plans would become true,” Volia Turlo,, Minsk.

“I really liked the format of the event, there were so many interesting master-classes, and also I met old friends and made friends with new people. Everyone was able to find something interesting. I learned new things!” Volha Aleshka, “Dom na skale”, Babrujsk.

“I think Sakavitskija sustrechy was a very positive event. My good mood became even better after so cheerful opening. The format of the event was great! Unexpectedly I participated in the show “City”. I believe that we will become the winners!” Tatsiana Titulenka, chairperson of the board, “ZOViK”, Vileika.

“We lacked such event in Belarus. And it happened! And the hopes came true. The most important thing is that we met likeminded people, friends. We felt ourselves as a part of huge community. And NGOs and initiatives can make big and important things together. I am looking forward to Sakavitskija sustrechy-2018!” Aleh Sivagrakau, expert on sustainable development of territories, Minsk.

“No doubt that it is a milestone event for our sector, that will contribute to the exchange of experience, ideas and inspiration! The night of failures was a great finding. I agree with all good words on the organization of the event and its importance for the sector,” Katerina Sergeeva, consultant on organization development, Minsk.

The event Sakavitskija sustrechy was organized by New Eurasia Establishment, educational establishment «Office for European Expertise and Communications» and open Organizing committee with support of U.S. Agency for International Development and Pact.