The Best Students-Clinicians were Awarded at BSU

At BSU the results of a two-day Belarusian Student Legal Olympiad were summed up on March 4, 2017. The competition on legal clinical education was one of the Olympiad stages. The competition evaluated the skills of students in providing legal support to vulnerable population. The competition was organized with the support of U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

During the competition students were evaluated on how they communicate with a client, explain legal nuances, and know the legal environment. The professional jury consisted of experienced lawyers, lecturers and legal clinic curators evaluated the competition. “We wasn’t able to point out the leaders and those with very low performance, like we did during the first years of the competition. The jury members noticed sufficient level of preparation of all students,” said Yulia Saukina, head of BSU legal clinic and jury member.


Zhanna Filippova, New Eurasia Establishment director, Anna Orlovich, BSU team “Avangard Femidy” (I place), Denis Bortnikov, BSU team “Duma” (III place), Sergej Kalinin, head of the department of theory and history of state and law, Veremeeva Maria, team “Lynces Justae”, F.Skaryna State University of Gomel (II place).

“I have been preparing for the competition very seriously, I learned all possible types of a client, but didn’t expect to meet an incommunicative client. The competition helped me to see those moments that are to be improved,” noticed Anna Orlovich, BSU team “Avangard Femidy” (I place).

According to the jury, the competition is important in the formation of professional qualities of a clinician and future lawyer. “All competition participants demonstrated desire to win, as well as a high level of preparation for the competition. At the same time everyone behaved in a unique way: someone had a unique self-possession, others had experience and confidence. I would like to wish participants new victories, interesting encounters, professional and personal growth!” said Natalia Ramult, jury member and deputy dean of the legal department Y.Kupala State University of Grodno.

2 logo_newThe competition on legal clinical education was organized in the framework of the Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations Project supported by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).