Top 5 of the Most Important Activities in 2016

The year 2016 was full of events and decided to review the most important of them.

1.We launched a new stage of the training campaign

In December 2016 we opened the 2017 training campaign  with an event on external communications and, in particular, on annual public reports. The training participants learned how to define the target audience, compile annual public reports, use infographics and photos, and analyze promo-materials. “Public report is number one material during any professional meeting,” believes Anora Langar, PR-manager of Green Alliance and the trainer of the event. “A decent public report indicates that the organization has definitely something to be proud of, is ready to cooperate and has nothing to conceal.” Besides, Anora noted, that such report gives an opportunity to monitor and evaluate organization’s activities. The training campaign became part of the Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations in Belarus Project, implemented by New Eurasia Establishment with USAID support.


The united team of training participants

 (Training on external communications, December 13-14, 2016)

2.We supported 22 non-profit organizations

On the final stage of the CBCSOP 22 projects of Belarusian CSOs in the sphere of organizational development were supported. The average amount of each grant is 10 000 USD. The projects include such activities as forums and workshops, consultations, corporate identity and web-site development, professional support to volunteers, trainings for CSOs staff, alike. Most of the organizations selected for the final stage had gone through all CBCSOP stages, such as working with organizational development consultants and developing the strategic plans. “We conducted an assessment of our strengths and weaknesses, developed a strategic plan through 2020,” said Larisa Istomova, chairperson of the Board of “Business Women Club”, Brest. “Thanks to the participation in the CBCSOP we also developed a new work area – trainings on financial literacy.”

3.We financed 13 joint initiatives in rural localities

The best joint initiatives of the Expanding Economic Opportunities in Rural Belarus Project were financed for the total amount of 180 000 EUR. The project is supported by European Union and USAID. The projects were initiated by partnerships formed between CSOs, businesses and local authorities. The joint initiatives are aimed at improving economic infrastructure, creating cooperatives, CSOs and clubs for active people. Set-up of business accelerators, center for folk crafts and microbusiness, centers for additional education, school-based business companies, support to start-ups, introduction of organic agriculture, provision of agrestic production and other initiatives are among the winners.

4.We created 13 resource centers on economic development in different regions of Belarus

Resource centers on economic development are created in 12 pilot rural localities in different regions of Belarus within the Expanding Economic Opportunities in Rural Belarus Project. The resource centers will provide a wide range of services, oriented towards entrepreneurship skills development and self-employment. Local citizens, farmstead owners, craftsmen and entrepreneurs will participate in trainings and seminars on how to open and develop their business. “We are sure that resource centers will help each locality grow,” said Zhanna Filippova, NEE director. The coordinator of the resource center will communicate will local people and indicate the needs, what knowledge and skills they lack, and with our support the experts will be invited and educational literature will be provided.

5.We organized an Open Call and supported 5 legal clinics

The projects of Belarusian legal clinics were supported. It is planned to reboot the legal clinic at Grodno State University, the project will provide for organizational and technical resources. Under other projects it is planned to publish two manuals for students and curators. With BSU support a Summer school for clinicians was organized. “The first Summer school for clinicians formed a new nation-wide network of students-clinicians,” said Yulia Saukina, the head of BSU legal clinic.

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Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations Project is supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID)




Expanding Economic Opportunities in Rural Belarus is supported by European Union and Agency for International Development (USAID)